About the IAP

Mission Statement

The IAP is dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges worldwide. In order to achieve this mission, the academy will:

Serve as an international pathology organization that coordinates activities of its divisions and encourages the formation of new divisions where appropriate.
  • Convene an international congress each biennium providing educational programs to advance pathology education, research and practice.
  • Provide access to highest quality pathology education worldwide through lectures and seminars, educational grants, international congresses and teaching materials - accessible through its Divisions.
  • Encourage strategic placement of international congresses to promote access to advanced Pathology Education in underserved areas.


The purpose of the Academy will be the advancement of pathology through:
  • Improvement of methods of teaching pathology in medical schools, laboratories, hospitals and medical museums.
  • Coordination of anatomic pathology, pathologic physiology and comparative pathology with allied sciences and techniques
  • Promotion of research in pathology and pathologic techniques
  • The formation of national or larger geographic Divisions and Assemblies
  • Publication of journals and reports that will afford media, including electronic, for dissemination of the results of work in the above fields
  • Convening of meetings and congresses for exchange of scientific information and ideas.