2000-2002 F. Stephen Vogel, USA

F. Stephen Vogel
IAP President 2000-2002
Stephen was born in Middletown, Delaware, and graduated MD from Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1944.
- After postgraduate training in Pathology he moved to New York where from 1949 - 1955 he was first Instructor, then Assistant Professor and then Associate Professor of Pathology, Cornell University Medical College.
- From 1955 – 1961 he was the Director of the Laboratory of Neuropathology, The New York Hospital and Cornell Medical Center.
- From 1961 – 1991 he was Professor of Pathology, Duke University Medical School, North Carolina.
- Published one of the classic books in neuropathology entitled ‘Surgical Pathology of the Nervous System’ (first edition with Peter Burger, second edition with B. Scheithauer).
- Also published ‘Introduction to Disease,’ a very readable student-directed book.
- Stephen’s research interests were broadly based ranging from studies on patho-genetic mechanisms in human brain disease, to studies of mushroom mitochondria, to radiation biology in relation to mice which were on board Apollo 17 (his so-called ‘moon mice.’)
- He trained over 20 neuropathologists, many in academic neuropathology (at a time when neuropathologists were in very short supply.
- Acting Associate Editor, the American Journal of Pathology (1977- ).
- President, American Association of Neuropathologists
- President of the USCAP (1983-1984) and Chair of most of its committees.
- Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Director of the USCAP from 1991-1999.
- Alternate Delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates, and Chairman of the Pathology Section Council of the AMA.