Joint 2023 USCAP-IAP 

Education Symposium

New Orleans

March 14 2023 

Global capacity building of pathology education through international collaborations


1. Institutionally sponsored and self-sponsored educational programs: The Mayo Clinic Experience

Henry Tazelaar, MD, Mayo Clinic

2. Pathology ambassadorship program.

Voices from the field: Lessons and challenges of pathology education in under-resourced countries.

Reza Alaghehbandan, MD, Cleveland Clinic, USA

3. Utility of digital platforms/Social media in undergraduate & postgraduate pathology education

Kamran M. Mirza MD PhD, Loyola University Health System, Chicago, USA

4. Strengthening postgraduate education through in-training examination

Issam Francis, MD, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Ghazi Zaatari, MD, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon