2022 ECP Congress

IAP Education Symposium

Wednesday, September 7th 5:30 PM at the ECP Congress in Basel Switzerland.

IAP Education Symposium

A multidisciplinary session co-organized through the ECP


From digital pathology to artificial intelligence, an enriching journey in diagnostic pathology and education


Xavier Matias-Guium, Spain

Ghazi Zaatari, Lebanon

What should be learnt about artificial intelligence methods during the pathology residency.

Dr. Marcial Garcia Rojo, Spain

Al applications in training and practice in diagnostic pathology.

Dr. Eric Walk, USA

Status of digital and computational pathology for clinical applications and teaching in prostate cancer. Where are we now and where we need to be?

Dr. Anil Parwani, USA

AI applications in cytopathology

Dr. Jordi Temprana-Salvador, Spain

Application of digital pathology and artificial intelligence in diagnosis and teaching pathology, focus on digestive diseases

Dr. Bethany Williams, UK

Available to registrants at the ECP meeting in Basel, Switzerland

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