Meetings & Congresses

The IAP conducts two kind of meetings:
  • the biennial Scientific Meeting (Congress)
The current scheduled Congresses are:
2014 – Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 5-10)
2016 - Cologne, Germany
2018 - Amman, Jordan

  • Administrative Meetings: 
2013 - Baltimore, USA (Mar 2-3)
2013 - Lisbon, Portugal (Sep 3) Edu at ESP
2014 - San Diego, USA (Mar 1-2)
2014 - Bangkok, Thailand (Oct 4-5)

2020 IAP Congress – Call for Proposals:

Each biennium the IAP Council considers proposals from Divisions or groups of Divisions to host a Congress, which is usually held in the fall.  The IAP is now calling for proposals to host the 2020 Congress..

If your Division wishes to host a future Congress please refer to Bidding for and Hosting an IAP Congress.