to the International Academy of Pathology (IAP)

The IAP is dedicated to the advancement of Pathology through educational exchanges worldwide. Collectively, we provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of advances in the understanding of pathologic processes and for the presentation and critical evaluation of scientific, technological and methodological advances. Our goal, and a fundamental role of the IAP, is to provide access to the vast store of valid, currently authenticated and trusted knowledge for questioning minds.

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Changes at the Top of the IAP

We have come to the end of the 2020-2022 Biennium and must thank our outgoing President, Bob Osamura from Tokyo for his hard work in promoting the aims and objectives of the IAP over the last 2 years. Following the successful Sydney Congress in October 2022, we look forward to the new 2022-2024 Biennium, and welcome our new President, Martin Hale, together with Ray McMahon (Secretary), Eyas Hattab (Treasurer) and Henry Tazelaar (President Elect).

Early Bird Registration for the USCAP 112th Annual Meeting in New Orleans ends on January 10th.   One of the largest annual events for pathologists in the world, the event hosts international speakers with more than 100 90-minute Smart Courses. Companion Society meetings and Interactive Microscopy.  An On Demand registration option is available, providing access over 190 hours of content after the event.

March 11th-16th 2023

The Malaysian Division and the Assembly of Asia Pacific is sponsoring the 13th ASIA PACIFIC International Academy of Pathology Congress as a Virtual Event with ten days of on-demand presentations and three days of live, interactive sessions.  Click here to register

June 6 - June 16th 2023

Save the date for the 35th International Congress of the IAP in Cancun.  Hosted by the Mexican Division, this is an excellent opportunity for pathologists to exchange knowledge, experiences and the latest developments in the field with experts from all around the world.

October 26th to 31st 2024

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