IAP Ambassadors

IAP Ambassadors are highly respected Pathologists as experienced teachers who are invited to provide educational presentations and other services to under-served areas.

IAP Ambassadors are often invited to speak in underserved areas by a local Division, an IAP Assembly or the IAP Executive at a Scientific Meeting and also undertake additional activities relevant to the needs of local Pathologists.

IAP Ambassadors may also be specifically invited by an underserved Division or Country which has not yet formed a Division, for the sole purpose of undertaking educational and other activities such as workshops, seminars or any other discussion or advisory activity which fulfills the needs of the Country visited. The Ambassador during the course of the visit may teach at several institutions - Hospitals, Universities, Post- graduate centres; and he/she may also visit more than one Country.

At the request of Pathologist in these areas and sponsored by a local Division, an IAP Assembly, or the IAP Executive, the title "IAP Ambassador" will be officially utilized during the visit. Divisions, Assemblies or the IAP Executive when requesting IAP Education Committee funding will ensure that the credentials of the Ambassador will be provided to the IAP Secretary who will provide documentation to the selected persons regarding the designation and also provide appropriate information about the IAP and its programs for presentation by the Ambassador.

For more information, or to submit the completed form, contact the IAP Secretary

Amended Nov 28th, 2012 - DFH

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