Article 3 of the Constitution and Chapter 1 of the By-laws outline the requirements of membership of the International Academy of Pathology.

  1. Membership shall be international in scope and shall consist of the following categories: regular members, junior members, associate members, sustaining members, emeritus members and honorary members. These classes shall be defined in the Bylaws.

  2. Election to membership shall be by the Council of any Division or Assembly.

Each applicant shall be sponsored by two regular members of the Academy and the candidate’s application shall be accompanied by a letter of recommendation (which may be electronic) from each of the sponsors. Election to honorary membership and emeritus membership shall be by the approval of the International Council upon written recommendation from a Division or Assembly.

Any person who is elected to any class of membership by a Division or Assembly automatically shall be a member of the same classification concurrently in the Academy. Where no Division or Assembly exists, election to membership will be made by the Executive Committee, nominations being made by two members and sent to the Secretary.

1. Regular Members shall consist of those who possess (a) the degree of Doctor of Medicine or its international equivalent, and a minimum of four (4) years of training and experience in pathology and who have demonstrated an interest in research and teaching, or (b) a doctorate or its international equivalent in veterinary medicine or in dentistry or in an allied biologic science and training, experience, and interests in his/her field equivalent to those required of Doctors of Medicine.

2. Junior Members shall consist of those who possess the degree of Doctor of Medicine, or its international equivalent, and who are actively engaged in formal training in pathology. Junior Membership shall be limited to the period of formal training, not to exceed five (5) years, at which time this membership shall automatically terminate.

3. Associate Members shall consist of those who possess the degree of Doctor of Medicine, or its international equivalent, who are not engaged in pathology or an allied biologic science, but who have demonstrated an active interest in pathology or an allied science, all as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

4. Sustaining Members shall consist of those members who foster the objectives of the Academy by gratuitous, annual, financial contributions to the Academy. The minimum amount of each such contribution shall be determined by the Council of each Division.

5. Honorary Members shall consist of persons distinguished for eminent service to medicine and especially to the cause of pathology and to the Academy.

6. Emeritus Members shall consist of those who have been in good standing in the Academy and who have attained the age of 65 or who have retired from gainful employment in the medical profession.

7. The annual membership dues of the Academy shall be fixed by the International Council, shall be payable in advance, and shall include a year’s subscription to International Pathology. Members delinquent in payment of dues for two years may be dropped from membership at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Dues shall be payable as follows: Members of a Division shall pay to that Division the joint dues prescribed by the Academy and the Division; the Division shall then pay to the Academy that proportion of such dues which is attributable to membership in the Academy; Members not belonging to a Division shall pay directly to the Academy the dues prescribed by the Academy.

Annual dues rate as approved by IAP Council $6:00 USD per member.

8. Junior and Associate Members shall pay nominal dues determined by each Division. Honorary and Emeritus Members will be exempt from dues. Junior, Associate, Honorary, and Emeritus Members will not receive International Pathology except by subscription (Note: The Bulletin is now available online to all), may not vote or hold office in the Academy but may be appointed to committees.

9. All members may subscribe to the publications of the various Divisions at the same rate as paid by the members of those Divisions. The Secretary of each Division shall be provided without charge the official publications of the Academy and of each of its Divisions. Such publications shall be retained in the permanent files of each Division.

For more information, please contact the Secretary of the International Academy of Pathology.