Education Meeting Support


The procedure for requesting financial support for Scientific Meetings and Ambassadors is:

1. Requests for financial support should be sent to the Chair of the Education Committee, with a copy to the IAP Secretary. Current contact information is available at IAP Education Committee Members.

2. At the next meeting of the Education Committee requests will be reviewed followed by a vote on whether to support the request and if yes, for how much. The Education Committee meets twice each year as follows:

  • at the annual USCAP/IAP Meeting
  • at the biennial IAP International Congress on even numbered years in the fall of the inter-Congress years (odd numbered years) at a suitable venue
  • often a joint session with the European Congress.

Specific dates for upcoming meetings can be found here.

3. Requests which are approved by the Education Committee are then forwarded by the IAP Secretary to the IAP Finance Committee/Assistant Treasurer who will then contact the requestor to arrange for the disbursement of funds.

In making applications please note:

1. Requests for financial support from IAP Assemblies, Divisions or Members for Assembly/Divisional Meetings or other scientific activities and Ambassadors should, if possible, be received three months in advance of Education Committee Meetings.

2. Details of the purpose and scientific content of the planned Scientific Meeting and Ambassadorial activities are required.

3. The maximum funding request currently is $5600 USD. Funds applied for must specify not only their intended use* but also be accompanied by the estimated costs in US dollars, e.g. travel cost(s) of Lecturer(s). * Funds may not be used for hospitality/entertainment purposes

4. Preference is given to underserved Divisions who have difficulty in obtaining funds from other sources and/or sponsorship from other Divisions and Assemblies.

5. Divisions should not regularly apply for financial support on an annual basis unless special circumstances exist, such as establishing new educational activities on a pump-priming basis. Funds up to $5600 USD can be disbursed across more than one year to support multiyear start up support projects.

6. Scientific meetings and Ambassadorial activities supported by the IAP must display the IAP Seal or Logo on brochures/programmes. They are available on the IAP Central website under Corporate Seals and Logos.

7. After meetings supported by the IAP, a full report including financial details must be received by the IAP Education Committee within four (4) months of the conclusion of the meeting. Click here to download the report form.

Jane Dahlstrom, Chairman, Education Committee

Ray McMahon, Secretary

IAP July 2017

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