Bursaries for IAP International Congresses

Bursaries have been established to support young pathologists from under-served countries to attend International Congresses of the IAP. This has been supported by the Education Committee as well as by the many IAP Divisions, including USCAP.

At the 29th International Congress of the IAP held in Cape Town in 2012, 145 young pathologists received a full Bursary to attend and 22 received a partial Bursary. 45 pathologists received a Bursary to attend the 30th International Congress of the IAP held in Bangkok in October, 2014 while at the 31st meeting in Cologne, Germany over 100 pathologists/trainees received Bursaries.

The Education Committee would like to thank the following divisions for their financial support for the 2016 bursaries: Arab, Australasian, British, German, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian and US and Canadian. The European Society of Pathology independently also provided bursaries for trainees/residents.

Jane Dahlstrom