Divisions and Assemblies

The IAP is an international organization of organizations which are called Divisions and regional groupings of Divisions called Assemblies. See our Governance area for more information about how they are organized, together with how you can become a member of the IAP through your Division.

Many divisions and assemblies maintain their own website. Click on the links below to see what's new in your region.


Asia Pacific Assembly (APIAP)

European Assembly (EADIAP)

Latin American Assembly

African Assembly


Argentine Division

Australasian Division

Austrian Division

Baltic Division

Bolivian Division

Brazilian Division

British Division

Chilean Division

Costa Rican Division

East African Division

African Francophone Division

Georgian Division

Hellenic Division

Hong Kong Division

Hungarian Division

Indian Division

Indonesian Division

Iranian Division

Israeli Division

Italian Division

Japanese Division

Mongolian Division

Nepalese Division

Norwegian Society of Pathology

North Macedonia Division

Paraguayan Division

Portuguese Division

Puerto Rican Division

Puerto Rico Academy of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Romanian Division

Russian Division

Serbian Division

Slovakian Division

South African Division

Spanish Division

Swedish Division

Taiwanese Division

Turkish Division

Ukraine Division

United States & Canadian Division

Uruguayan Division

West African Division