IAP and Companion Pathology Society

Terms of Reference

The following terms of reference describes how the IAP and Companion Pathology Societies support Division Members

To promote science and education in pathology, societies, organizations, councils, faculties and clubs have held "companion" meetings at the time of TAP International Congresses. These have been of mutual value to the societies, the Academy and the members. The following Terms of Reference were drafted to inform Congress Committees and the specialty societies appropriate procedures. They are based on an Executive Committee motion drafted at the 1978 Congress and reviews by the Executive Committees of 1987 and 1988.

The Congress Committee (local organizing committee) for each Congress is empowered to receive proposals from special interest groups that wish to contribute to the scientific program. The Committee will respond to these requests in accord with the following guidelines:

A) All proposals must be initiated by an organization that has an established administrative structure, which includes officers.

B) All proposals must be received in writing not later than 18 months prior to the Congress.

C) All proposals must designate the responsible individual, and his/her address, with whom the President of the Congress can conduct correspondence.

D) The Congress Committee is empowered to determine the content, scheduling and format of presentation.

E) Permission for the publication of abstracts and/or any identified portion of the program must be obtained from the Congress Committee not less than 18 months in advance of the meeting.

F) All commitments are restricted to an individual Congress and they invoke no act of formal association between the International Academy of Pathology and any named organization.

Adopted by Executive Committee in San Francisco, California

September 8th 1990

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