IAP2022 Education Symposia

Sydney Australia

October 11th and 13th 2022

Adapting to anatomical pathology training and assessment in the post-COVID era


October 11th 2022  Virtual Session

Convenors: Catriona Mckenzie, John Nicholls

Chair: Prof. John Nicholls & Dr. Ghazi Zaatari

Published in the IAP Sydney 2022 Program:

Followed by Q & A

Additional topics:

Why & how academies & schools can promote the development and further education of trainees.  Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher, Institute of Pathology, Heidelberg, Germany

Are extra amendments and assessments in pathology training necessary in the post-COVID era? Claude Cuvelier, MD, University of Gent, Belgium

In-Person Education Stream: Learning and Practicing Pathology – An Educational Perspective

October 13th in-Person session

Convenors: Catriona Mckenzie, John Nicholls

Published in the IAP Sydney 2022 Program:

2. Can knowledge about how to learn pathology effectively influence student academic practice Diane Kenwright, New Zealand

3. How should we approach pathology education post-pandemic?  Marcus Dabner, Australia

4. Creating a pathology E-Learning community using virtual gross rounds  Carlo V. Hojilla, Canada

5. Why Choose a Pathology Creer? A Survey of Australian Medical Students, Junior Doctors and Pathologists  Catriona McKenzie, Australia

6. Fall in love with pathology: Five ways to engage medical students  Kias Kasem, Australia

Followed by Q & A