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Over the past year, the committee has been active in helping to facilitate educational sessions at major scientific meetings (United States and Canadian Association of Pathologists [USCAP], European Society of Pathology [ESP] and at the IAP 2018 XXXII Congress), as well as regional meetings, through our educational support and Ambassador programs. US$66,000 of funding has been allocated by the IAP Education Committee to facilitate those meetings, occurring in under-served areas of the world. Reports from these meetings attest to the calibre of pathologists within the IAP, who are willing to give back to their profession.

The topics of the sessions at the major scientific meetings included: Global Harmonization in Pathology Training (USCAP 2018 Annual Meeting, 17-23 March, 2018, Vancouver, Canada), From inspiration to publication: a step-wise guide to having your work published in a pathology journal (30th European Congress of Pathology (ECP), 8-12 September, Bilbao, Spain) and Innovations in pathology postgraduate training programs, digital pathology in training and certification, and a training workshop to instruct residents on writing abstracts, manuscripts and research proposals (IAP 2018 XXXII Congress, 11-14 October, Amman, Jordan). Our upcoming meeting will be held at 31th European Congress of Pathology (ECP), Nice, France from 7 - 11 September 2019, the topic being The case I will never forget. Please read the IAP New Bulletin (Vol 59 No 1 2019) for more details.

Jane Dahlstrom


Education Committee


2 April 2019