1922-1924 Frank Burr Mallory, USA

1922-1924 Frank Burr Mallory

Frank Burr Mallory


IAMM President 1922-1924

Frank Burr Mallory was born 12 November 1862 in Cleveland, Ohio and died 27 September, 1941 in New York.

He received his AB from Harvard College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1886 and completed his medical studies at Harvard Medical School in 1890. He was appointed to various positions from 1891 to 1932 at Boston City Hospital and Harvard Medical School. A series of papers on improvements in histological techniques highlighted his main interest, giving particular attention to collagen, neuroglia, myoglia and elastica. His studies in histological methods revolutionized the procedures at that time, and gave new impetus to the exact study and classification of tumors, including special new histological methods to study tumors with special reference to the embryological origin of each type of cell entering into new growth, and the differentiation that each type undergoes. His attention tended to focus itself more and more on diseases of the liver. He was editor-in-chief of the Journal of Medical Research (which became the American Journal of Pathology.) His name is used eponymously in at least 6 special stains and a number of bodies in tissues, the best known being the Mallory body in alcoholic cirrhosis. The Mallory Institute of Pathology in Boston is named after him.