1924-1929 James Francis Coupal, USA

1924-1929 James Francis Coupal

James Francis Coupal


IAMM President 1924-1929

James Coupal was born 1926 January 1884 in Quincy, Massachusetts and died 3 January 1935 in Washington, D.C.

He received his BS from Tufts College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 and his MD from Tufts Medical College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1909 and his Ms from Tufts College, Boston, Massachusetts in 1928. He commenced military service in 1915 as a Captain and Assistant Surgeon in the 8th Massachusetts Regiment. In 1924 he was appointed White House Physician and in 1928 Colonel in the Medical Corps. He published papers on war wounds, infectious diseases, the classification and true color reproduction of museum specimens, cancer, and the history of medicine and pathology. During his term as Head Curator of the Army Medical Museum (1922-1924), he began reclassification, using an adaptation of Dr. Maude Abbott’s modification of the Wyatt-Johnson classification. During his presidency of the IAMM, he appealed for financial assistance to the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In 1929 a generous grant was given towards the upkeep of the IAMM Bulletin/publications. This paid for the Osler memorial edition of the Bulletin and restored the finances of the IAMM.