1933-1934 Victor Clarence Jacobsen, USA

1933-1934 Victor Clarence Jacobsen

Victor Clarence Jacobsen


IAMM President 1933-1934

Victor Jacobsen was born 1891 in Wisconsin and died in 1969 in Troy, new York.

He he received an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1917. He trained in pathology at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston and in 1921 was pointed Professor and Chairman of Pathology, Albany Medical College, New York. Victor was the first Chairman to be appointed to a full time position at the College and the Albany Hospital, taking on extensive teaching responsibilities. He was co-author of various publications relating to clinical and experimental endometriosis. In 1934 he resigned his post and moved to Troy, NY where he opened a successful private practice in internal medicine. His last publication in 1955 was a clinical discussion of premenstrual edema, using the term ‘premenstrual syndrome’ and focused on treatment of this condition.