1955-1956 Jesse E. Edwards, USA

1955-1956 Jesse E. Edwards

Jesse E. Edwards


The IAMM was renamed and rejuvenated as the IAP in 1955

First President of the IAP 1955-1956

Jesse Edwards was born in Hyde Park, Massachusetts and died 18 May 2008 in Rochester, Minnesota.

He received his BS in 1932 and a his MD in 1935, both from Tufts University and trained under Frank Mallory at the Boston City Hospital. From 1946-1960 he was Professor of Pathology, Mayo Foundation, Graduate School, University of Minnesota, Rochester, Minnesota and from 1960-1987 was a Professor of Pathology, Graduate School, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota.

He became one of the leading world experts in cardiac pathology. The Jesse E. Edwards Registry of Cardiovascular Disease in St. Paul is named in his honour. He was a member of the editorial board of several journals including Laboratory Investigation.