1959-1960 Robert E. Stowell, USA

1959-1960 Robert E. Stowell 1914-

Robert E. Stowell


Nathan Kaufman and Robert Stowell in 1999.

IAP President 1959-1960

Robert Stowell received his MD from Stanford University in 1941, and PhD from the Washington University St. Louis in 1944. From 1942 to 1971, he held posts at the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri, the University of Kansas Medical Center, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and the University of California School of Medicine, Davis, California.

During his career, Stowell was president of several associations including the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists (1970-1971) He played a primary role in the establishment of the Universities Associated for Research and Education in Pathology. He researched the correlation of histological, ultrastructural, histochemical and biochemical processes of abnormal growth, neoplasia and cell death, and was involved in designing equipment for freeze-drying of tissue. Robert was a recipient of the Gold Headed Cane Award of the American Association of Pathologists. In 1982, the award to pathologists in training for excellence in presentation of scientific abstracts at the Annual USCAP meeting was renamed the ‘Stowell-Orbison Award’ honoring him and Lowell Orbison for their having stimulated research and created a forum for young pathologists at IAP meetings.