1970-1970 Thomas Carlyle Jones, USA

1970-1970 Thomas Carlyle Jones 1912-

Thomas Carlyle Jones


IAP President 1970-November 1970

US & Canadian Division President 1970-1971

(1970 was the transition year where the US & Canadian Division was created as an IAP Division with it's own President. George J. Cunningham became IAP President in November 1970 and Thomas Carlyle Jones continued on as the President of the newly formed Division.)

Carl Jones was born 29 September 1912 in Boise, Idaho.

A veterinary pathologist he received his BS and DVM from the Washington State University in 1935. From 1957 to retirement in 1979 he held a number of different positions in primate research in Boston, Massachusetts. He published (with F. M. Garner and Kurt Benirschke) “Pathology of Laboratory Animals” and many works on animal diseases/comparative pathology, cytogenetics in relation to pathology, and animal models of human disease. He was a Distinguished Member of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and Associate Editor, Pathologia Veterinaria.