1976-1978 Nathan Kaufman, Canada

Nathan Kaufman

IAP President 1976-1978

Nate Kaufman graduated MD from McGill University Montreal, Canada in 1941. From 1960-1967 he was Professor of Pathology, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina. From 1967-1981 he was Professor and Head Department of Pathology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. From 1980-1985 he was Clinical Professor, Office of Humanities, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia. He was the first full-time Secretary of the USCAP from 1979-1991 establishing the secretariat with appropriate office space, and heading the construction of the USCAP office in Augusta, Georgia. He oversaw the establishment of the Bylaws and separate incorporation of the USCAP while maintaining traditional close ties with the IAP. He also established guidelines and procedures for the IAP/USCAP Companion Societies and developed objectives and guidelines for educational offerings of the IAP/USCAP as required for ACCME accreditation.

Nate established the yearly distribution of educational materials from concluded courses to IAP divisions around the world where such teaching materials were less readily available. He was founding Associate Editor of Laboratory Investigation (1950-1966) and Editor (1972-1975). Also founding Editor of Modern Pathology (1988), Series Editor, IAP Monographs in Pathology (1980-1991) and Associate Editor, American Journal of Pathology (1967). He received the Distinguished Alumni Award, Duke University (1975) and the IAP Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to IAP education and research in 1996. In March 2000 the USCAP established the ‘Nathan Kaufman Timely Topics Lecture’ at its Annual Meetings.