1980-1982 Arno Erik ‘Erkki’ Saxen, Finland

Arno Erik ‘Erkki’ Saxen

IAP President 1980-1982

Born in Finland to parents who were both pathologists, Erik received his MD from the University of Helsinki in

1948. He spent his professional life working in the University of Helsinki, from 1949-1960 as Chief Pathologist, Central Institute of Radiotherapy, and from 1960-1986 as Professor and Chairman of Pathology.

Erik was the first Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Cancer (1965-1984); a publication of the International Union Against Cancer. He guided its development to a most prestigious position throughout the world of cancer research. In his ten year report (1976) he indicated the growth of submitted articles to the International Journal of Cancer from 97 in 1966 to 461 in 1975 and from 622 pages to 2084. In that period, articles were submitted from 66 countries. He was Director and Founder of the Finnish Cancer Registry (1952-1987) and Secretary General, International Association of Cancer Registries (1979-1985). He was awarded the Liberty Cross IV (Republic of Finland) and Commander of the Order of Lion of Finland in 1969 and in 1978 he received an Honorary Award from the Finnish Academy of Science.