1982-1984 Roger Cotton, England

Roger Cotton


IAP President 1982-1984

Roger Cotton was born in England and graduated from the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London in 1949. After his post graduate training he settled in Nottingham, and from 1960-1990 he was consultant pathologist and Head of the Department of Pathology at the City Hospital, which soon became affiliated with the newly established University of Nottingham Medical School. With Drew (AD) Thompson, a colleague from the Middlesex Hospital, he published ‘Lecture Notes in Pathology’ based on their successful lectures. It was first published by Blackwell Publishing in 1962. A fourth edition was published in 1992. [A considerable achievement for this type of book. Editor.]

He was heavily involved in the evolution of the British Division of the IAP (founded in 1961) and was President of the Division 1977-1978. He was founding editor of ‘Histopathology’ which published its first edition in 1977. It was his influence as President that resulted in this joint project between Blackwell Publishing and the British Division of the IAP being approved. The journal has become a leading publication and has been a source of considerable income for the British Division.

Soon after he became President of the IAP Roger was left as Editor of the News Bulletin, mainly because the previous editor could not easily be replaced. He was Editor from 1983-1994. His contribution to this enterprise is described in the chapter on the History of the News Bulletin.