1990-1992 Antonio Llombart-Bosch, Spain

Antonio Llombart-Bosch

IAP President 1990-1992

Antonio was born in San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), Spain. He graduated MD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Valencia, 1959. He quickly decided to specialize in the study of cancer. To this end his post graduate training was directed to studying in some of the leading cancer institutes in Europe – the Gustave-Roussy Institute, Villejuif, France; the Chester Beatty Institute, Royal Cancer Hospital, London, England; and the Institute of Pathology, University of Munich, Germany.

From 1961 to 1975 he was Assistant Professor of Pathology and then full Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Murcia, Spain. Beginning in 1975, he has been full Professor of Pathology then Vice Dean and Dean of the Medical School and Director of the Department of Pathology, University of Valencia.

He has contributed to over 280 journal publications. He has written 26 books and book chapters and over 240 articles for International peer-reviewed journals. Major research efforts include: Experimental and human renal carcinogenesis; Undifferentiated small round cell sarcomas in children; Experimental and human liver cancer; Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology of Solid Neoplasms in humans; Breast Cancer, and Descriptive pathology of human and experimentally induced neoplasms.


- Executive or President of Organizing Committees for many International Conferences of Pathology and Cancer including Murcia (1973), Lloret (1976), Valencia (1979), Madrid (1992), Valencia (2002), (2003) and


- President of the Spanish Society of Pathology (1978- 1985), and the European Society of Pathology (1985-


- Executive Committee Member of the International Union Against Cancer (2000-2006), and Treasurer, Organization of European Cancer Institutes (2001-2006).

- Representative for Spain at the European Association for Cancer Research (1974-1978, and 1992-1994).

- WHO expert on Cancer Pathology (1978-1983), and Member, American Association for Cancer Research (2001-to date).

- President, Fundacion Instituto Valenciano de Oncologia (1996- to date), and President, National Technical Committee, Asociacion Espanola Contra el Cancer (1992-2004).

- Editorial Board Member of seven pathology journals.

- Heavily involved in cooperation in joint international investigative programs.

- Holder of many grants and research projects (many international).

- Director of 53 PhD doctoral theses.

- Very active in educational endeavors of the IAP, particularly outreach programmes to Eastern Europe.