1992-1994 David Francis Hardwick, Canada

David Francis Hardwick

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IAP President 1992-1994

David was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and graduated MD from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 1957. His postgraduate training included paediatric pathology, including 2 years at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (1960-1962). He was President of the Society for Pediatric Pathology (1979.)

His main lifetime professional appointment started in 1963 in the Department of Pathology of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He rose through the ranks to become Professor and Head of the Department.

He held this appointment until 1990. From 1990 – 1996 he was Associate Dean for Research and Planning, Faculty of Medicine, the University of British Columbia. He later served as Special Advisor on Planning, Faculty of Medicine, UBC.

David, who passed away on May 15th 2021, will be missed by his many friends and colleagues around the world.

Career highlights

- David’s penchant for intellectual discipline is clearly portrayed in his text ‘Directing the Clinical Laboratory’ emphasizing dedication to detail while stressing leadership qualities and management techniques.

- With his brother, a social engineer, he was responsible for initiating a new political party in Vancouver, British Columbia, and altering (for the good) the face of Vancouver as a city.

David served the IAP, as President (1992-1994), as Chair of the Inter-Congress Education Committee (1994-1998) and as Secretary (2006-2015).

- He was a recipient of the Gold Medal of the IAP (2004) and the USCAP’s Presidential Award.

- He has been, and until his passing in 2021, consultant to the entire IAP and the USCAP, and Chair of the Long-Term Strategic Planning Initiative of the USCAP.

- David had a major involvement in bringing the IAP and Pathology to mainland China. This was achieved with significant help from Dr. H.K. Ng, Hong Kong.

- Hardwick Hall, the main Hall of the University of British Columbia Medical Student and Alumni Centre was named in acknowledgement of his efforts.

- David was awarded the University of British Columbia’s first Faculty Citation Award for his pivotal role in creating BC’s Children’s Hospital in 1986.

- He earned numerous teaching awards as a witty, talented and impassioned educator, including the UBC Certificate of Excellence

– Master Teacher Award – 1974 and the UBC Teaching Excellence Award and Prize in 1994.

- Committed to enriching student life, Dr. Hardwick has served as elected Faculty Advisor to the

Medical Undergraduate Society for 35 years.

- As Associate Dean, Research and Planning, he created numerous major research facilities and was key to building lasting University and Governmental relationships that advanced the academic and scientific mission of UBC and its teaching hospitals.

- With Fred Silva, USCAP, he conceived and implemented ‘The Knowledge Hub for Pathology USCAP web site.’