1996-1998 Cecilia M. Fenoglio-Preiser, USA

Cecilia M. Fenoglio-Preiser

IAP President 1996-1998

Ceil was born in New York City. She graduated MD from Georgetown University College of Medicine, Washington, DC, 1969.


- Her postgraduate training was done in various centers in New York and her first career appointment was from

1973 - 1983 Instructor then Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor, Department of Pathology, Columbia University, New York, New York.

1983 - 1990 Professor and Vice Chairman, (Acting Chairman 1985 - 1986), Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

1990 – to the present Director, and Professor, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2003 - Associate Dean, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.


- Research interests in GYN and GI Pathology, ImmunoHistochemistry and genetics Published over 230 articles, authored four books and edited another 25, and over 65 chapters.

- Seminal papers with Drs. Lane, Kaye and Pascal (1973-present) in the correlation of GI polyps and cancer.

- Studied the involvement of viruses in ovarian, cervical and rectal lesions and contributed important work on the risk factors as well as etiologic agents in colon cancer.

- Member, Editorial Board of 16 journals (Editor of five journals).

- Very active in NIH/NCI activities and holder of 42 grants & contracts in the last 20 years.


- Dr. Fenoglio-Preiser was the first female President of the USCAP (1989-1990) (and one of its youngest) and the

first female President of the IAP.

- She was President (1997-1998) and Founding Member of the Gastrointestinal Pathology Society and a member of a great number of other pathology and medical societies.

- Vice President, Intersociety Pathology Council (1990-1991).

- Cecilia is a frequent and revered Visiting Professor throughout the world.