1998-2000 Anna Kadar, Hungary

Anna Kadar

IAP President 1998-2000

Anna was born in Budapest, Hungary and graduated MD from the Medical University (presently Semmelweis University), Budapest, Hungary in 1959.


- Her professional appointment started straight after graduation with an appointment to the 2nd Department

of Pathology, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest.

- From 1959 she rose to be Professor in 1982 and Director 1993 - 2000.

- From 1989 - 1994 she was Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University of Medicine.

- From 1989 - 2005 she was Director, Foreign Students Studies, Semmelweis University of Medicine.


- Publications include over 165 scientific publications, 25 book chapters, and almost 300 presentations at international and national congresses and conferences.

- Major research efforts include general/special pathology, diagnostic histo and immuno-pathology and experimental pathology, the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, extracellular matrix pathology, elastic fiber pathology, breast pathology, and ultrastructural and molecular pathology.

- As PhD Program Director between 1993 and 2005, Dr. Kadar supervised 13 medical graduates who subsequently obtained Ph D degrees. The research involved experimental and diagnostic patho-morphological investigations dealing with alterations of cell-, extracellular matrix and fiber system in cardiac-, vascular- and some tumorous diseases.


- President of the Hungarian Society of Pathologists (1998-2000) and the Hungarian Division of the IAP (1997 - 2006.)

- President and organizer of the XXI International Congress of the IAP, Budapest, Hungary (1996).

- Secretary General of the Hungarian Society of Atherosclerosis (1991-1995).


Dr. Kadar has received a great many awards and honors from throughout Hungary:

- From Semmelweis University, the Ministry of Education, the Hungarian Republic, and the Hungarian Society of Pathology.

- She received the Officer’s Cross of the Republic of Hungary from the President of the Hungarian Republic in 2003 for her contributions to Pathology, Teaching and Research. This is the second highest civil order in Hungary.

- The IAP Gold Medal (2002).

- She is considered by many of her native colleagues and friends in pathology to be ‘Dr./Ms. Pathologist of Hungary.’