2004-2006 Francis Jaubert, France

Francis Jaubert

IAP President 2004-2006

Francis was born in France and completed his medical studies in Paris, France. His professional appointments have been:

- Pathologist, Necker Enfants-Malades, Paris.

- Professor, Laennec Hospital, Paris.

- Professor of Pathology, Necker School of Medicine, Paris.


- Francis has published more than 150 scientific papers. His main topics were: mononuclear phagocytic system diseases and LCH, gene expression during development and oncogenesis in children and abnormal sex development, congenital hypoglycemic hyperinsulinism of infancy (with Pr. Fekete Rahier, and J-C Fournet) in order to improve the treatment and the physiopathologic understanding of the disease, and Listeria monocytogenes infection in experimental animals (the bacteria of living cheese.)

- Francis published a major textbook of general pathology in French for medical students in 1984, and an illustrated shorter version of pathology practice for students (with Dr. E Dulmet-Brender) in 1986).

- He has published many book chapters on a number of different topics including: anatomic pathology; medical traits; pediatric allergies; the cells of the alveolar unit; the pleura in health and disease, and international trends in general thoracic surgery.

- He participated in the creation, development, and maintenance of the internet site: http://www.anapath.necker.fr to facilitate student teaching in the Necker School of Medicine.

- He has published in other fields as well, such as techniques in pathology, cytology, book analysis, and other didactic materials.


- He assisted Professor Christian Nezelof in the creation of the IAP French Division.

- He was Secretary-Treasurer of the IAP International Congress organized in Paris, France (1980) and he followed this with being President of the IAP International Congress held in Nice, France (1998.) During that Congress he organized 12 slide seminars, gave 15 lectures and lived through an industrial strike in the week before the Congress that had the potential to ruin it. (During both of these Congresses he always had the air of one who had everything under control, and he gave the illusion of being totally relaxed. Editor’s comment from first hand observation.)

- Dr. Jaubert was President of the IAP French Division (1992).

- During his long association with the French Division he spent a great deal of time and energy in helping pathologists in French speaking Africa, and he attended many meetings of the Arab Division. He was active in his assistance to pathologists in Russia and the former Soviet countries. One tangible result of this was his award of The Science Academy of Moldavia Medal in Romania (2004).