1907-1907 Major James Carroll, USA

James Carroll 1854-1907

James Carroll


Elected first President of IAMM 1907

Major Carroll received his MD from the University of Maryland in 1891 and Hon. LLD in 1907 from the Universities of Nebraska and Maryland. During his career, he held a variety of posts in departments called ‘Bacteriology and Pathology’ at the Columbian University Washington, Army Medical School in Washington and in 1903 was appointed Curator, Army Medical Museum, Washington, DC. In 1901 he demonstrated that yellow fever was caused by a virus. This was the first time a virus was proven to cause disease in humans. Working with Walter Reed, he inoculated himself and contracted yellow fever. He recovered, but as a consequence of this, a permanent cardiac lesion caused his death at age 53. Major Carroll initiated typhoid fever experiments with prophylactic vaccine.

His personal correspondence with many scientists worldwide greatly extended membership of the IAMM. Major

Carroll died five months after his election as President of the IAMM.