1908-1909 William MacCallum, Canada

William MacCallum 1908-1909

William MacCallum


President IAMM 1908-1909

William MacCallum was awarded the BA from the University of Toronto in 1894 and MD from the Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1897. He held several positions from 1898 to 1943 at Johns Hopkins, Columbia University New York, and finally the Chair of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Medical School from 1917 to 1943.

His research was widely acclaimed, particularly in the field of malaria and the function of the parathyroid glands.

He travelled extensively and broadened his knowledge of pathological anatomy. He wrote extensively about history and medicine. In 1905 he developed practical and innovative courses in pathological physiology at Johns Hopkins, and in 1916 his ‘Textbook of Pathology’ was published.