Annette Schmitt-Graeff

Deputy Chair of the Education Committe

My (A.S-G) enthusiasm for bone marrow (BM) diagnostics dates back to my residency in hematology/oncology at the Departments of Internal Medicine, University Hospitals of Cologne and Essen, Germany. 

I was keen on evaluating blood and BM cytology. I also realised the impact of BM and lymph node biopsies on therapeutic strategies for our patients suffering from myeloid or lymphoproliferative neoplasms. This appreciation was the rationale to pursue a residency and a fellowship in anatomical pathology at the University Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany, where I established histologic BM assessment. 

My research activities were on the cytoskeleton including BM stroma with Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Giulio Gabbiani, University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland, where I assumed the position as consultant. There and at the Berlin Reference Center for Lymph Node Pathology of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harald Stein I was principally in charge of BM pathology including supervising residents in this field. Later, I joined the faculty at the Medical Center, University Freiburg, Germany, where I was appointed Professor of Hematopathology and GI Pathology. My activities were focused on integrating morphological, immunophenotypic, and molecular aspects of hematological neoplasms and primary immunodeficiency disorders with the late Prof. Dr. Paul Fisch in close clinico-pathologic cooperation. 

As previous president of the German Division of the IAP (GDIAP) and actual member of the General IAP and GDIAP Education committees, I have taught and directed numerous hematopathology courses of the IAP nationally and internationally.