Appendix D - IAP Officers, Further Clarification of Roles

Vice Presidents:

  • Vice-Presidents, not to exceed four from any continent, as from time to time may be deemed appropriate by the International Council.
  • Vice-Presidents shall be elected for terms of two (2) years.
  • Vice-Presidents may succeed themselves in office without limitation.
  • The duty of each Vice-President is to represent the Academy and coordinate the activities of the Divisions in his/her geographic area.
  • Vice-Presidents report to the IAP Council and Executive on the actions of IAP Divisions and members in their region.

The roles of regional VPs are:

1) To promote pathology education in the region.

2) To act in an advisory role to the Divisions and to the Assembly where one has been approved by Council in the region.

a) To monitor the Divisions through annual reports from each Division.

b) To monitor that activities supported by the Education Committee are good value.

c) To monitor that IAP name is properly acknowledged and used.

d) To mentor and give advice to Divisions.