Appendix F - Nomination Process and Procedures

IAP Nomination Process

The following process is to be followed regarding Nominations for IAP International Officer Positions including President-Elect and Vice Presidents. The same process will be followed when appropriate for Secretary and also Treasurer.

1. Nominations together with a letter of support indicating support of the Divisional Council/Executive (normally from the member’s Division President) must be submitted through the IAP Secretary for the IAP Nominating Committee to review and consider as per the IAP Constitution and Bylaws

2. A “Formal Call for Nominations" will take place three (3) months before the Congress. The “Formal Call for Nominations” will be sent from the office of the IAP Secretary to all IAP Divisional Presidents and Secretaries for their consideration.

3. If a Division wishes to make a Nomination it will be sent with approval of the Divisional Executive/Council for consideration by the IAP Nominating Committee.

4. The Secretary shall distribute to Divisional Presidents and Secretaries one month prior to the IAP Biennial Congress, a report of all relevant nominations for election of IAP officers (President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Presidents, IAP Bylaws Chapter II; 1 and 2)

CHAPTER VI — Committees

1. The President shall appoint a IAP Nominating Committee consisting of the three (3) persons who shall have most recently served as President of the Academy, which committee shall report to the International Council at each of its regular meetings, provided, however, that nominations may also be made from the floor.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to nominate candidates for each vacant post. Although Nominations may also be made from the floor potential candidates are requested to NOT engage in "Campaigning" for Election.

The Nominating Committee shall present its report to the International Council for consideration and approval at the Congress International Council meeting.