Affiliation Agreement between USCAP and The IAP

The International Academy of Pathology or IAP is an organization of organizations with mainly nation based units named Divisions. The nature of and relationship of the IAP with its Divisions is specified in the IAP Constitution and Bylaws in six of twelve Articles including Article V which is exclusively about Divisions and in five of seven Bylaws.

At the time of the separation of the United States & Canadian Division (USCAP) from the IAP on October 1, 1986, a formal document was required as unlike all other IAP Divisions, the United States & Canadian Division had been working with the IAP as a single legal entity to that date. Therefore at that time a formal legal affiliation agreement defining the new relationship of the US and Canadian Division of the IAP (USCAP) with the IAP was finalized and has remained in effect, unchanged since it was signed October 1, 1986.