Constitution Appendix G

Gold Medal Nominating Committee

The Gold Medal Nominating Committee nominates candidates to be awarded at each biennial international Congress of the International Academy of Pathology.

The Gold Medal Awards of the IAP were initiated at the IAP Congress in Budapest in 1996 by Dr David Hardwick who donated the first medals. An initial 6 awards were made. The Gold Medal Award is for members of the Academy demonstrating leadership by creating and fostering Academy activities that are of International significance. In order to capture the full breadth of such activities, achievements in Pathology Education and Research or Pathology Practice are identified as eligible for recognition. Some awardees over the past decades have provided (or presided over) transformational changes in the Academy such as the transition from IAMM to IAP while others have been enquiring educators, renowned researchers and leading figures in Diagnostic Pathology Internationally. All have in common the singular and definitive attribute of International leadership.

Terms of Reference

The President shall appoint a Gold Medal Nominating Committee of three (3) persons of senior standing from at least two (2) Divisions of the Academy, which committee shall nominate one (1) or more candidate(s) for the “Gold Medal of the International Academy of Pathology” to be reported for approval by the International Council, to be awarded at each biennial International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology.

See also: Bylaws Chapter VI (2), Committees.

Ray McMahon, September 2018

Secretary International Academy of Pathology