Bylaws Chapter II

Election and Tenure of Officers and Councilors

1. The officers shall be elected by the International Council to serve the following terms:

a. The Secretary and the Treasurer, whether or not one person holds both offices, shall be elected for a term of four (4) years.

b. All other officers shall be elected for terms of two (2) years.

c. The term of each office shall commence on the first day of the second month following the adjournment of the meeting at which the officer was elected provided, however, that should it be necessary to prevent an unoccupied office an officer shall serve until his/her successor is elected and qualified.

d. The President-elect at the conclusion of his/her term shall become President.

e. A Vice-President may succeed him/herself in office without limitation.

f. The Secretary and the Treasurer, whether or not one person holds both offices, may succeed him/herself in one or both offices without limitation.

g. Except that the offices of the Secretary and the Treasurer may be held by one person, no person shall simultaneously hold two (2) offices.

2. Should any office other than that of President or that of President-elect become vacant, the office shall be filled by the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term. If the office of President shall become vacant, the President-elect shall thereupon become President for the unexpired term, provided that such service shall not affect such person becoming President upon adjournment of the next regular meeting of the lnternational Council. In the event that the office of President becomes vacant at a time when the office of President-elect is also vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill the office of President for the remainder of the term.

3. Those persons who shall be Councilors on the International Council as provided in Article IV, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution, shall be selected by the several Divisions by such procedures as shall be prescribed in their respective bylaws. The number of Councilors that each Division shall select shall be based on the number of members in that Division as reflected on the roll of its members to be kept on file in the office of the Secretary, the ratio of the number of members to the number of Councilors to be as follows: 25 to and including

100 members - 1 Councilor

101 to and including 500 members - 2 Councilors

501 to and including 1000 members - 3 Councilors

1001 to and including 2000 members - 4 Councilors

2001 to and including 3000 members - 5 Councilors

3001 or more members - 6 Councilors

4. Each Councilor shall serve for a term of not less than two (2) years from the date of his/her selection and thereafter until his/her successor shall be selected and qualified.

5. At any meeting of the International Council the Secretary upon the request of any member of the Council present shall report the number of Councilors to which each Division is entitled and if requested read the names of the Councilors from any one or more Division.

6. Should the qualifications of any Councilor to serve on the Council be challenged by any member of the Academy, such challenge shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary accompanied by evidence in writing in support of the grounds of such challenge, and the President after the Secretary shall report to him/her such challenge shall make a ruling supporting or rejecting such challenge which ruling shall be final and binding on all persons and should the ruling support the challenger, the member challenged shall cease to be a member of the Council as of the date of the ruling.