Bylaws Chapter V


1.The International Council shall approve the location of the International Congresses and regional meetings.

  1. An IAP Division or Assembly wishing to host a future International Congress shall submit a written proposal to the Secretary of the IAP at least six years before the requested venue date.

  1. The International Council of the IAP shall examine the proposals received and reach a final decision for recommendation at least 5 years prior to the requested date of the International Congress.

  1. The proposal shall include recommendations regarding meeting facilities and hotel accommodations for participants and the names of two or more Professional Congress Organizers who have had experience in organizing at least three international medical congresses (with no less than 1,000 active participants at each) and should have suitable recommendations from the organizers of those congresses.

  1. A site visit by two IAP Executive officers will be carried out before final acceptance. Accommodation and living expenses for members of the site visit team will be budgeted for and covered by the host division [as per Congress in Buenos Aires 1990 and amended Cape Town 2012].

  1. The International Congress budget shall include, among others, provision for:

a. Air transportation to the Congress of the President of IAP and the Secretary of IAP.

b. A complimentary suite for the President of IAP.

c. Complimentary accommodations for the duration of the Congress for: 1) the President-Elect of IAP, 2) the Immediate Past-President of IAP, 3) the Secretary of IAP and 4) the Treasurer of IAP.

d. A fee of 5.5% of the Biennial Congress registration fee per active registrant to be included in the International Congress budget as a separate item under Congress expenditure. This fee must be set aside by the local Congress Committee and transferred to the Treasurer of IAP at the conclusion of the Congress.

e. Comprehensive Congress liability insurance coverage for the host division and the IAP. The IAP shall receive a certificate from the host division to this effect.

  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint an International Organizing Committee for each International Congress to include representatives from the Local Organizing Committee and from the host Division/Country and to include the immediate past Congress Organizers.

  1. The President of the Academy shall appoint the President for each International Congress.

  1. The Local Organizing Committee for each International Congress shall:

a. Select the specific subjects and the invited speakers.

b. Approve the budget.

c. Appoint a local arrangements committee, including the use of a Professional Congress Organizer as it deems appropriate.

d. Appoint such other committees, as it deems appropriate.

  1. The program of each International Congress shall include scientific sessions and exhibits, as well as provide meeting times and facilities for the General Business, Finance Committee, Education Committee, International Organizing Committee, Executive Committee, and International Council and Regional Assembly meetings as required by the President of IAP.

  1. All officers of the IAP shall pay registration fees for the International Congress.

  1. A loan to facilitate initial Congress planning may be requested by the host Division, the amount to be negotiated with the Treasurer of the IAP.

  1. Initiation of the loan repayment in full to the Treasurer of the IAP must be accomplished by the first day of the first month following the adjournment of the Congress.

  1. The Division wishing to host a future International Congress of the IAP must be able to meet the above requirements and submit a statement to that effect to the Secretary of IAP.

  1. The organization of regional meetings shall be substantially similar to that of International Congresses.

  1. Registration, course, and other fees collected from International Congresses and regional meetings shall be spent in accordance with the budget approved by the Local Organizing Committee. At the conclusion of any such Congresses or meetings, the International Organizing Committee shall meet to receive a full financial statement. Any surplus funds will be distributed appropriately in such manner, in such amounts, and to such recipients as shall be determined by the International Organizing Committee in its uncontrolled discretion provided that any transfer of funds of the Academy must be controlled by the limitation set forth in Article X of the Constitution of the Academy. The Academy may derive funds from any Congress or other meetings effected under its auspices, subject, however, to negotiation with the Local Organizing Committee and the restrictions and provisions of the said Article X.

  1. At any regular or special meeting of the International Council, each Councilor shall be entitled to vote in person or by written (electronic) proxy held by a member of the International Council from the same Division or Assembly present at such meeting. Without the holding of a meeting, questions to be decided by the International Council or the Executive Committee may be submitted by ballot to the members of the International Council or the Executive Committee, as the case may be, by the President and a majority of votes cast by such ballots and submitted to the Secretary to be received within sixty (60) days after the submission of the ballots shall be decisive.

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