Published June  22nd 2024

Nominations for New Officers

This is a reminder to submit proposed nominations for consideration by the Nominating Committee by Saturday, August 31st 2023.

New Officers for the following roles which will become vacant after the 2024 Cancun Congress will be confirmed by election at the meeting of the International Council in Cancun (exact date TBC) as follows:

1. President-Elect (2 year term)

2. Editor, IAP Bulletin (2 year term)

3. Vice Presidents (2 year term)

a. Africa 2

a. Asia 5

a. Australasia 1

a. Europe 5

a. North America 3

a. South America 3 

In accordance with the Constitution the duly elected persons will assume office December 1, 2024 at the end of the first complete month following the Cancun Congress in October. All members of the IAP are entitled to submit names for consideration either directly, or through Divisional secretaries.  As per Appendix F of the IAP Constitution

All nominations must include a letter indicating support of the Divisional Council/Executive (normally from the member’s Division President) and/or the appropriate Assembly Executive must be submitted through the IAP Secretary for the IAP Nominating Committee to review and consider as per the IAP Constitution and Bylaws. The letter of support must be submitted on the letterhead of the supporting Division/Assembly.  

Nominations for delivery to the Nominating Committee must be sent to this email address:

Professor RFT McMahon, BSc MD FRCPath and the nominating members