Argentine Division

IAP VP Report 2022 Argentine Division

Division website:

President Dr. Marcelo Falcón

Vice-President Dra. Alicia Dos Santos

Secretary Dra. Silvina Figurelli

Treasurer Dra. María Lucía Gonzalez

Activities in 2021, through virtual platforms:

The Argentine Division was extremely active during the pandemic and the committee has worked hardly to hold various lectures and other activities in pathology, all of them were

aimed at residents, junior and senior pathologists from all over the country and from neighboring countries (Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Perú and Paraguay). Virtual modality has

brought us closer and allowed us to share more activities with lower costs. The International Meeting of Surgical Pathology was performed in two sections with a total

of 265 registered.

The first section was carried out on May, 14th 2021 with well recognized speakers:

Dra. Anaïs Malpica from MD Anderson CC, Texas. Her lectures were on Gynecopathology. Update in gynecopathology I and II and one slide seminar. Dra. Ana Suarez Gautier from

Hospital Universitario, Madrid, her lectures were about contributions of new technologies in breast pathology and she presented very interesting clinical cases and Dr. Juan P. Palazzo from Baptista Hospital, Florida and his lecture was on Mucinous lesions of the breast.

The second section was held on September, 21st with two speakers,

Dra. Clarudia Poleri from Argentina who talked about Chest tumors classification WHO 2021 and Dr. Ignacio Wistuba from MD Anderson CC, Texas and his lectures were about

Molecular pathology and immunopathology of lung cancer.

The Educational Committee organized four symposia with multidisciplinary teams

  • March 26. Ocular Pathology. Dra. Paola de la Iglesia. Italian Hospital. Buenos Aires. 73 registered.

  • June, 1st: Hemolymphoid pathology. Dra. Dana Kohan. Italian Hospital. Buenos Aires. 98 registered

  • August, 18. Soft Tissue Pathology. Dra. Liliana Olvi. Lab of Orthopedic Pathology. Buenos Aires. 114 registered.

  • October, 22. Neuropathology. Dra. Silvina Figurelli. Fernandez Hospital. Buenos Aires. 90 registered.


Tutorials were always the most requested activity by residents, so the Educational Committee

decided to do it virtually (on line) and without cost, only for members of the Argentine

Division. They organized six tutorials with the following topics

  • May, 28. Breast Pathology. Dra. Alejandra Wernicke. Italian Hospital Buenos Aires

  • September 3. Hemolymphoid pathology. Dra. Marcela de Dios Soler, National Academy or Medicine. Buenos Aires.

  • October, 5. Odontogenic Tumors . Dra. M. Luisa Paparella. Dentistry Faculty. UBA. Buenos Aires.

  • October, 29. Immunohistochemistry. Dra. Gabriela Acosta Haab. Oncology Hospital Marie Curie. Buenos Aires.

  • November, 12. Nephropatology. Dra. Valeria Albertón. Fernandez Hospital, Buenos Aires

  • November, 26. Bone Pathology. Dra. M. Lucía Gonzalez. Lab of Orthopedic Pathology. Buenos Aires

You will find attached the details of the Argentine Division activities of 2021.

Current year activities.

The International Meeting of Surgical Pathology will be held virtually on May, 12-13, 2022. The international faculties and the topics will be:

  • Dr. Adrian Mariño-Enriquez. Assistant Professor of Pathology, Brigham and Women ́s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Soft Tissue Pathology.

  • Dra. Lysandra Voltaggio. Associate Professor in the Division Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology. Johns Hopkins Hospital. Gastrointestinal Pathology.

  • Dra. Isabel Alvarado Cabrero. Chair of Department of Pathology. Oncology Hospital CMN SXXI, IMSS, UNAM. Uropathology.

  • Dra. Sandra Sapia. Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Weill Cornell Medicine n Qatar. Hematopathology.

All of them have confirmed their participation.

The Educational Committee is organizing symposium every year. Tutorials will begin in April.

  • The Uruguayan and Bolivian Divisions were invited to share the activities with the Argentine one as last year and they agreed but they are also going to resume their local activities as prepandemic time.

  • The Argentine Division of IAP joint to Maimonides University of Buenos Aires are carrying out the sixth year of the Postgraduate Course of Speciality in Pathology. The attendees are residents in their two last years of residence. The directors of this course are Dr. Natalio Guman and Dr. Roberto Castelletto and the coordinators are Dra. Marta Endelman and Dra. Liliana Olvi

The Executive Committee is grateful to all the attendees whom support the Argentine Division with their registrations fees, the national and international speakers for their important contributions.