Baltic Division

IAP VP Report 2022 Baltic Division

Date: March 2022

Submitted by: Sergejs Isajevs, Chair of the Baltic Division, and Kaarina Ristamigi, Vice Chair

Members: 107 members, from them 55 members are from Estonia, 49 from Latvia and 3 are from Lithuania.

Original VP Report in PDF format

The chair of division is Prof. Sergejs Isajevs, Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia and Riga East University Hospital, Centre of Pathology, Riga, Latvia.

The vice chairs are Kaarina Ristamigi, from the North Estonia Medical Centre and Eero Semjonov from East Tallin Centre Hospital.

The Division closely collaborates with hospitals, Universities and non-profit organization in Baltic States.

The members of IAP participated in various local in international pathology conferences.

Best wishes, Sergejs

I give you a short report from the Estonian side. Indeed, we have still 55 members, we have lost some but we have gained some also. Due to pandemics, the times have been challenging.

Our members have participated in virtual workshops and congresses, but since this situation have made working challenging, I think some members have postponed they educational goals. Even today, we are on the top of the pandemic wave in Estonia. Nearly all pathologists are vaccinated, but a lot of them have been infected with the covid omicrom subtype at the time of this letter. Therefore, the medical personnel tries to provide services in the understaffed conditions and even some bigger hospitals have asked they staff not to attend seminars/congresses/ect in the near 2-3 months. We have planned our annual meeting and hopefully it will take place at the end on April. We have many issues to discuss, it concerns mainly workload, work conditions, our current legislation, financing pathology cervices and possibilities to improve our work as a professionals.

Around the Christmas, I have been in touch with the German IAP regarding Baltic-German symposium but it seems that we have to postpone this event one more time. We also discussed the possibility of a virtual event but the decision about the organization was made from the German side and currently we don`t have this event in our calendar.

Greetings, Kaarina