IAP VP Report 2021 Hungarian Division

Date: March 2022

Submitted by: Janina Kulka, President.

Members: 108

Original VP Report in PDF format

Statutes and Bylaws

The new Statutes and Bylaws were approved by the official bodies after long years of waiting. This was required by the change of respective ruling.

At the beginning of the year new board was elected. The president (Prof. Janina Kulka) and the secretary (Dr. Lilla Madaras) were re-elected. Dr. Ildikó Illyés, a young and keen

pathologist was elected treasurer.

11th Technology Transfer in Diagnostic Pathology Central European Regional Meeting – Uropathology in June 2021

We were preparing for the 11th Technology Transfer in Diagnostic Pathology Central European Regional Meeting – Uropathology in June 2021. Due to the Covid pandemic the

decision of postponing was made. The new date was in November 2021, but the Covid situation prevented to hold the congress physically. International members of the Faculty

are Dr. Ondrej Hes, Prof. Eva Compérat, Prof. Clare Verrill, Dr. Murali Varma. Three members of IAP HD are also members of the Faculty: Dr. Eszter Székely, Dr. Áron Somorácz and Dr. Levente Kuthi.

IAP Educational Committee decided to support our conference but because of postponing the event we re-applied for an educational grant for this year. The leadership of IAP HD is

grateful for the support of IAP Educational Committee. The new date is June 23-25 2022. We had to change the venue as well: the congress will take place in Székesfehérvár.

The president and the secretary are members of the organizing committee of the next Pannonia Congress of Pathology, twice postponed. The congress will take place in Slovakia

this year in May.

Breast Screening Slide Seminar

In May 2021 the European Working Group for Breast Screening Pathology was expected to present a slide seminar in Budapest. Due to the Covid pandemic the slide seminar was

transformed into an online event. Hundred and forty Hungarian pathologists participated at the slide seminar which was a great success.

The Conference for Young Pathologist

was a physical meeting in October 2021. The leaders of the IAP HD took part in the organization of the conference and the IAP HD prizes were offered to two young colleagues for their excellent presentations:

  • Kata Rebeka Décsei: Goblet cell adenocarcinoma - a type of tumor rethought after 50 years.

  • Anna Jakab: Investigation of the prognostic value of tumor-stroma ratio (TSR) in colorectal carcinomas by digital pathological methods.

The prizes mean free admission to the 11th Technology Transfer Conference.