The 1960's to early 80's

The First Seventy-Five Years, 1906-1981 (continued)

The 1960's to early 80's

During these years, the banner of the International Academy of Pathology continued to be "education." The programs at the International Congresses, held every two years, and at the meetings of the divisions placed emphasis on "surgical pathology and pathological physiology."

For example, in the American-Canadian Section (later the United States / Canadian Division) the short courses were frequently over-subscribed. The long courses attracted large audiences. The monographs that resulted from these courses became standard references for the state of the art on specific areas of pathology where rapid advances in scientific knowledge made it impossible for an individual to remain abreast on his own resources. Specialty conferences were held in the evenings reflecting the membership's interest in various areas of pathology. These became popular events at other section (later division) and international meetings.

In 1960 the total membership was reported to be 2,000. The current membership is over 7,500.

The thirteenth International Congress of the IAP held recently in Paris, France on 15-19 September1980 was an outstanding success with more than 1,000 registrants and more than 300 accompanying persons. A Post-Congress meeting in Budapest, Hungary attracted more than 300 registrants.

Proof of the vigor of the Academy is the latest annual meeting of the U.S.-Canadian Division in Chicago March 2-7, 1981. This material was prepared as a basis for the Diamond Jubilee Lecture presented at that time. Many of the other divisions exhibit the same vigor at their excellent meetings.

The success of the International Academy of Pathology has been a heartwarming experience, especially for those who worked diligently to revive and nuture it in the post World War II period. Let us hope that the forthcoming 75 years will be as rewarding as the past 75 years. Kenneth M Earle