Appendix E - Assembly Procedures

Assemblies of the International Academy of Pathology

IAP Assemblies approved by IAP Council* (Constitution Article VI-Assemblies) include members of regional IAP Divisions and non-divisional members within a defined geographic area. Assemblies engage in activities appropriate to their area for furthering the goals of the International Academy of Pathology as stipulated by the IAP Constitution. These activities include convening an IAP Assembly Congress in alternate years to the global IAP Congress (Bylaws Chapter V-Meetings, item 15).

Assembly Officers

1) Convener - A Convener shall be elected for a 4 year term by the Presidents of the IAP Divisions that are part of the Assembly. The Convener convenes and chairs meetings of the Assembly and reports to the IAP Council regarding the Biennial Assembly Congresses.

2) Rapporteur - A Rapporteur shall be elected for a 4 year term that alternates each 2 years with the Convener's term for purposes of continuity of Assembly activities.

3) IAP Assembly Executive Committee – member IAP Divisions shall provide a representative (President or Secretary) to act as a member of the Assembly Executive Committee.


1) The Assembly shall convene annual administrative meetings, one of which will be held at the IAP Global Biennial Congress and one at the IAP Assembly Congress, in addition to such meetings as are necessary to conduct its affairs. Minutes of these meetings shall be sent to the IAP Secretary.

2) The Assembly shall select a location for its “alternate year” Assembly Congress sufficiently in advance for the hosting Division to make necessary arrangements. Decisions regarding this Congress shall be made at an Assembly Executive Committee meeting convened by the Assembly Convener.

3) The Assembly Executive shall follow IAP Bylaws in its activities as approved by the International Academy of Pathology with appropriate communications provided by the Assembly Secretary.

4) The Assembly shall require a fee from those attending the Assembly Congresses to provide funding for IAP activities. The fee per Congress registrant shall be a separate Assemble Congress expenditure and shall be held in an IAP Treasurer’s account with authorized signing authority of the Convener and Secretary of the Assembly and is to be transferred to the IAP Treasurer at the conclusion of the Congress. This capitation fee shall be allocated 2/3 to the IAP Assembly account and 1/3 to IAP Treasurer’s accounts for global IAP operations.

* IAP Constitution, Article VI – Assemblies

Dec 2012

David F. Hardwick

Secretary International Academy of Pathology