Constitution Appendix B

Finance Committee

The President according to IAP Bylaws Chapter VI – Committees, paragraph 3, with approval of the International Council, has appointed the IAP Finance Committee (Paris September 16, 1980). Members include the Chair (2 year term, renewable), Ex-officio members: President, Treasurer, President Elect and Secretary and 3 additional members. The Finance Committee reviews the financial reports of the auditor and proposes a biennial budget for Council approval. The Assistant Treasurer is a non-voting member of the Committee. Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

The Biennial Budget is proposed by the Finance Committee, considered by the Executive and approved by the IAP Council. The Budget is created by the Finance Committee with guidance from the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer after reviewing financial statements from the auditor, financial status and requests from the Education Committee and others.

The Treasurer shall collect dues and other funds, disburse monies, and submit to the Executive Committee a financial statement that will be audited by a Certified Public Accountant, under US Federal Laws. The Treasurer must be a US citizen. The audited report shall be kept permanently. He/she shall also submit an estimated annual budget to the Executive Committee.

Ray McMahon, September 2018

Secretary International Academy of Pathology